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"THE MUSEUM," Inc., was founded in 1956, chartered in 1982 and received it tax-exempt status in 1984. It serves as a repository for sacred relics, historical artifacts, genealogical records and the history, folklore and traditions of the largely unknown Muskogee Creek Indian community of North Florida, especially Pine Arbor Tribal Town (the old Apalachicola Nation). One of  "THE MUSEUM" missions is to: gather, preserve, archive, disseminate and exhibit to the interested public, information and knowledge about North Florida's native communities and other indigenous cultures of the New World in particular and Southern Culture's White, Black, and Native American peoples in general. The scope of "THE MUSEUM" shall include but not be limited to arts, culture, history, law, letters, music, philosophy, religion, science and technology. With these broad charges, among others, embedded into our charter, "THE MUSEUM" views itself primarily as a community oriented educational institution firmly anchored in the past, comfortable in the present but very excited about the future. Using the tools of today to preserve the past for tomorrow allows us to intimately participate in not only shaping our own future but that of our community as well. Thank you.

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