The 2nd letter, "c" pronounced "chee," "jee" or "tse." (definition & spelling check incomplete)

ca, cah, cv - emphatic particles added to the ends of declarative or imperative sentences to convey a strong or sincere feeling on the part of the speaker

ca.fak.nv - n. huckleberry

cak.cv.hëce.tv (plural)

cah.kë- n. 1. shoal, shallow water 2. ford

ca.kë.pen - num. five

cah.ke.pi.ce.tv - v. 1. to do five times 2. to reach the age of five years

cah.ke.poh.ka.ken - num five added to (a multiple of ten)

cah.me.li.ce.tv - v. to mix

Cah.me.li.kv - n. different, various, mixed

Cah.tv - n. Choctaw

Cah.tvl.ke n. the Choctaw

Cah.tvl.ke em E.tvl.wv the Choctaw Nation

cah.cak.wv see CASCAWV

‘cak.e.cë.ho.ye.tv (of two) see ‘CAKECËYETV

‘cak.e.cë.ye.tv - v. to enter (with someone, of one)

‘cak.es.cë.ye.tv (of three or more) see ‘CAKECËYETV

‘cak.fu.le.tv - v. to wander around (of three or more)

‘cak.fu.le.tv - n. followers; also, (three or more) see ‘CAKVRETV

cak.hë - adj. sticking in, sticking up, standing (inanimate)

cak.he.ce.pi.ce.tv - v. 1. to make stick in 2. to run into head-on

cak.hë.ce.tv - v. 1. to stick in (one fence post, etc.) 2. to place (one building, etc.) upright in or at ground level

cah.ke.tv - v. 1. to catch up 2. to approach, be near (of a time)

cak.ke see CAHKË

cak.kue.ce.tv - v. to reach (a goal), achieve

‘cak.os.se.tv - v. to go out with (someone, of one)

‘cak.v.ho.ye.tv (of two) see ‘CAKVYETV

ca.kv.lv n. oyster alt. spl. hwereko

‘cak.v.pe.ye.tv (of three or more) see ‘CAKVYETV

‘cak.v.re.tv - v. to wander around after (of one), go after, be

‘cak.v.te.tv - v. to come with (someone, of one)

‘cak.vt.ho.ye.tv - (of two) see ‘CAKVTETV

‘cak.v.we.tv (of three or more) see ‘CAKVTETV

‘cak.v.ye.ci.ce.tv - v. to make (one) go with (someone)

‘cak.v.ye.tv - v. to follow, go with (of one)

‘cak.we.lv.ke.tv. (plural) see ‘CAKVRETV

‘cak.we.tv.ke.tv v. to wander around after (of two)

‘cak.wo.le.ce.tv (of three or more) see ‘CAKWETVKETV

ca.lo - n. 1. trout. 2. bass (HB)

ca.nv - n. fly

ca.nv.la.tv - n. blowfly

car.kvs.wv n. 1. spittoon 2. brass kettle

cas.ca.wv, n. a woodpecker with a red head and spots, identified in S. Florida as a pileated woodpecker

ca.se.TV v. to make

ca.te see CATV

ca.të adj. red

ca.të.ce.tv v. 1. to redden, make red 2. to let blood from, to make bleed

ca.te.to.lok.fu.ce n. small blood clot

ca.te.tv v. 1. to be red, get red 2. to bleed

ca.tv, ca.te n. blood

ca.tv en.fih.në n. blood stream

ca.tv.es.cvo.kv n. lancet, instrument for taking blood

ca.tv.fu.lo.tv n. a type of small bush with small green leaves and red fruit, possibly buckbush or iron bush

ca.tv.fv.kv n. vein, artery, blood vessel

ca.tv.lo.kv n. blood sucker

ca.tv.sv.cvn.ke n. blood sausage

cat.v.wo.li.cv n. close blood relative

ca.tv.wot.kv n. hemorrhage

ce --a prefix (sometimes written as a separate word indicating: 1. your (generally with a body part or kinship term) 2. you (though generally not with an action that is performed voluntarily

cë (1) n. the letter "C"

cë (2) part. --an emphatic particle added to the ends of declarative or imperative sentences to convey a strong or sincere feeling on the part of the speaker. Sometimes written as "ces" or "ci!" at the end of a declarative statement.

ce.cër.ke.tv in en.ke ce.cër.ke.tv v. to tickle

ce.fah.lë adj. rough (of a dirt road, land, etc.)

ce.fah.lë.rak.ko n. rough terrain

cef.ke.TV v. to poke, punch,

ce.fok.ki.ce.tv n. ARCHAIC house wren

Ce.ho.fv n. Jehovah (from the English)

‘cë.ho.ye.tv (of two) see ‘CËYETV

ce.hvi.le.tv v. to struggle, strive

ce.kak.në adj. piled up (of two or more)

ce.kak.në.ce.tv v. to heap up (two or more, such as trash bags)

ce.kak.së adj. 1. raised on one side (of a jacked up car, a person with one leg up, etc.) 2. piled up

ce.kak.së.ce.tv v. 1. to raise one end 2. to make a pile of, pile up

ce.kë.hë see CEKHË

ce.ke.hi.ce.tv see CEKHICETV

ce.keh.lë adj. rough (of a road, etc.)

cek.fë adj. thick (of paper, cloth, etc.)

cek.fi.ce.tv v. to thicken

cek.hë, adj. piled up (of trash, laundry, rock, brush, etc.)

cek.hi.ce.TV v. to pile up (laundry, brush, etc.)

cek.ho.we n. ARCHAIC lobster

ce.kon.ne.tv v. to limp

ce.cos.se.tv v. ARCHAIC to limp

cek.to n. FLOR snake [cf. OKLA cetto, citto]

cek.to.rak.rak.ra.kat n. FLOR rattlesnake [cf. OKLA cetto-mëkko]

cek.to.le.tv v. to turn over, knock over

cek.tol.kë adj. knocked over

cë.kul.ko see SËKULKO

cë.kul.kp.pu.se n. ARCHAIC barn swallow

ce.kv.sv n. Chicasaw

ce.kv.svl.ke the Chicasaw

ce.kv.svl.ke em E.tvl.wv the Chickasaw Nation

ce.la.ho.yë adj. used of a book, etc.)

ce.la.kë adj. touching

ce.la.ye.tv v. 1. to touch, feel 2. to touch (one’s nose, mouth, forehead) 3. to use medicine, drugs) 4. to use (money) 5. to handle (a job), manage 6. to process (deer, etc.)

ce.lë.le.ke.tv v. to have a charley horse or muscle cramp (in the legs, feet, fingers, etc.)

ce.le.tv v. to flake off, slough off, rub off (as dirt on the skin)

cel.kë adj. dandruff, skin flakes

ce.lok.ho.kvl.ke n. 1. those who speak a different language 2. those belonging to one of two groups of towns and clans (the "red" moiety)

ce.lok.ke n. one of two groups of towns and clans (the "red" moiety)

ce.lok.ke.tv v. to speak a different language

ce.lueh.kv n. black-billed cuckoo

ce.lv.se.TV v. to shell (corn, peas, etc.)

ce.lvs.kë adj. shelled

cem --a prefix (sometimes written as a separate word) indicating: 1. your (generally with a noun other than a body part or kinship term) 2. to you, for you

cë.me pron. how about you?

cë.me.ta.ke pron. you (plural), you all

cem.ke.tv see VCEMKETV

cen --variant of CEM before consonants other than m and p

cen.ta.ke see CËMETVKE

cen.tat pron. you (emphatic)

ce.nv.pa.ken num. eight

ce.nv.pi.ce.tv v. 1. to do eight times 2. to reach eight years in age

ce.nv.poh.ka.ken num. eight added to (a multiple of ten)

ce.pan interj. Boy! used when calling to a boy whose name is unknown)

cë .pa.nat n. the boy, that boy

ce.pan.ne see CEPAN

ce.pët.ke.tv v to stop suddenly, come to an abrupt stop

cë.pv.në n. boy

cë.pv.nu.së n. very young boys

cë.pv.nv.ke n. boys

cë.pv.nv.ku.ce n. little boys *although cëpvnë is a noun, the various related forms suggest the root is verbal.

cë.pvn.kv n. youthfulness (in a male)

ce.rak.ko (and derived forms) see RAKKO

ce.rë.hë adj. 1. lumpy (of gravy) 2. round shaped (as of potatoes, fruit, etc.)

ce.rek.në n. solid, roundish lump

ce.rok.co n. ground squirrel

ce.rok.cu.ce see CEROKCO

ce.ro.ro n. summer tanager

ce.sak.wë adj. gravely, rough feeling (as of sandpaper)

ces.kv, e.ces.kv n. edge, base, end (of an object)

ces.se n. mouse

ces.se.fa.nv n. sty

ces.se.la.ne n. possibly weasel

ce.se.lvs.te n. mink

ces.se.rak.ko n. rat

ces.su.ce n. mouse

ce.sv.pe.tv v. 1. to crumble, break up, crush (ice or nuts, for example) 2. to chip away at (a rock), engrave or sculpture 3. to thresh (wheat)

ce.svp.kë adj. 1. crushed 2. threshed

Cë.svs n. Jesus (from the English)

Cë.svs Klist n. Jesus Christ (from the English)

ce.tak.cë.ce.tv v. to tear (clothes, two or more objects) up, wear (shoes) out

ce.tak.ce.kë (of two or more) see CETAKKË

ce.tak.kë adj. 1. torn up, worn out (as of a rag) 2. mashed (of potatoes)

ce.tok.ke.tv v. to squat suddenly while walking

cet.to n. OKLA snake [cf. FLOR cekto]

cet.to en.to.pv n. dodder, an orange parasite in the morning glory family that grows in patches on top of summer grass

cet.to em v.pët.të see CETTO ENTOPV

cet.to-kv.cë.kv n. a joint snake - a type of snake thought by some to fall apart when thrown and then to come back together again

cet.to-la.ne n. a type of green snake

cet.to-la.nu.ce n. a type of small, green, non-venomous snake, possibly the rough green snake

cet.to-lvs.te n. a type of black snake, probably the black rat snake

cet.to-mëk.ko n. OKLA rattlesnake [cf. FLOR citko-rakratat]

Cet.to-Pvn.kv n. Snake Dance

cet.to-to.ko.he n. a type of snake, possibly bull snake

cet.to-tvs.tv.nv.ku.ce n. ground rattlesnake

cet.to-yv.pe n ARCHAIC snake horns, (horns of a mythical snake used as a charm)

Cet.tvl.ke n. Snake clan

ce.tv.ke.tv v. to tear up, grind (meat), mash (fruit, potatoes, etc.)

es.cef.ke.TV n. to punch with, jab with (something) --n. spur

‘cë.ye.tv, v. to go in (of one), enter

‘ce.yi.ce.tv v. to make (one) go in, let (one) go in

ce.yvl.le.tv see CEHVLLETV

‘co-hvrp-es.kas.kv n. deer hide scraper

cok.cap.ku.ce n. FLOR. needlefish

cok.co.ke-tv v. IMITATIVE 1. to cluck 2. to chatter, talk nonstop 3. to whine (of a dog)

cok.CO.re.tv v. to knot, put a knot in

cok.cor.KË adv. knotted

cok.cor.kv n. knot

co.KË adj. OLDER WORD written

co.ke.le n. post (of a fence, house. etc.)

CO.ke.tv v. to suck, suckle, nurse

cok.fv.LV.wv n. edge

cok.HES.se n. whiskers, beard

cok.hes.se-sok.KOS.tv n. shaving soap

cok.hes.se-se.sv.KAS.kv n. razor

cok.ho.yo.pe.TV v. to stare at the mouth

cok.hv.CE n. corner of the mouth

cok.HVR.pe n. lip

cok.hvr.pe.e.LE.cv n. lower lip

cok.hvr.pe-es.SE.kv n. a lipstick

cok.hvr.pe-o.NV.pv n. upper lip

cok.ko.foye.TV v. to swish (a liquid) in the mouth

cok.ko.LOS.wv n. ARCHAIC snowbird

cok.le.PAK.fv n. slug

cok.lof.kv see KOLAS-COKLOPKV; see also KOLAS-COKLOFKV

cok.na:he.TV v. to talk nonsense (as talking in one’s sleep or while drunk)

co.ko:fv.RAK.ko n. rotunda, assembly room

Co.KO:ta n. Checotah - a Creek family name (described in 1884 as a former clan)

COK.pe n. hundred

cok.pe.la:pe.LE n. whippoorwill

cok.pe-RAK.ko n. thousand

cok.pe-rak.ko.v.CO.le n. million

cok.pi.ke.TV v. 1. to put in the mouth 2. to have in the mouth

cok.sak.ke.TV v. to hold in the mouth

cok.SAK:kv n. bridle

CO:kv n. 1. paper 2. book 3. letter 4. writing

CO:kv he.CE.tv v. to study n. studies

cok.v.cv.ne.TV v. to hold (a liquid) in the mouth

co:kv.ak.ko.PVN.kv n. card game

CO:kv em oh.LI.kv n. postage stamp

CO.kv en ho.CEF.kv n. book title

co:kv.es.pvi.kv.v.he.CEF.kv n. librarian

co:kv.es.yv.hi.ke.TV n. a hymnal, songbook

co:kv-HA.yv n. 1. secretary 2. (court) clerk

co:kv-HEC.kv n. school, studies, education

co:kv-hec.lo.POC.ke n. primary schools

co:kv-hec.kv.oh.v.FAS.tv n. school superintendent

co:kv-HË:cv n. student, pupil

co:kv-HU.te n. 1. mailbox 2. post office 3. envelope 4. binding (of a book)

co:kv-HVR.pe n. book cover

co:kv-ker.re.TV n. 1. education 2. learning, knowledge, competency

co:kv-mv.ha.kv-CU.ko n. school

co:kv-mv.HA.yv n. school teacher

co:kv-Rak.ko see NAKOKV-RAKKO

co:kv-aah.ko.PVN.kv n. playing cards, cards

co:kv-SA.rv n. mail carrier, mail person

co:kv-SAT.kv n. election

co:kv-sat.kv.NET.tv n. election day

co:kv-TVC.ke n. 1. award, certificate 2. card 3. ticket

co:kv-tvc.ku.CE n. 1. card 2. ticket 3. note 4. notice

co:kv-tv.lv.ME n. newspaper

co:kv-tv.lv.me.CI.cv n. newspaper editor

co:kv-tv.lv.MË.cv see COKV-TVMECICV

co:kv-tv.mi.CV see COKV-TVMECICV

co:kv-tv.lv.me.SA.rv n. newspaper carrier

co:kv-war:ku.CE n. note

COK.wv n. mouth

comh.co:ye.TV v. IMITATIVE to trot ( like a horse)

co.mol.co.KE.tv (plural) see COMOKLETV

co.mok.le.TV v. to stoop over , bend over (hands to toes)

co.mot:co:ye.TV v. to bounce (as on a bed)

co.mot:co.ye.ce.TV v. 1. to make jump up and down 2. to jump up and down

co.mot:te.TV v. 1. to hop (like a rabbit) 2. to jump (with fright)

co.mot:ti.ce.TV v. to bounce (a ball, etc.)

co.PAK.kë adj. stripped

co.pv.ke.TV v. 1. to strip (tree bark), peel off 2. to scalp

co.RAK.kë: adj. 1. split off (of a branch) 2. coughed up

co.rak.ko (and derived words) see RAKKO

co.ROT.kë: adj. crippled

co.rv.ke.TV v. 1. to pull (fruit, a branch, etc.) 2. to cough up (phlegm, etc.)

cos:ke.LE.pv n. a type of bush, possibly alder bush or elderberry bush

cos:ke.TV v. to rule

COS:kv co:kv n. post oak

co:SVL.ke n. Jews (from the English)

cot:ke.RAK.ko n. possibly vesper sparrow

COT:ku.së adj. 1. very small 2. short (of a letter)

co.tunh.co:ye.TV v. IMITATIVE to chew in the back of the mouth

co.wa:tu.CE n. a small goat, a kid

co.WA:tv n. goat

co.wa:hvs.NËR.tv n. dates

co.wa:TVL.ke n. Goat clan

co.wa:tv.se.mv.NO.le n. ARCHAIC antelope

co:ye.TV v. OLDER WORD to write

co:yi.ce.TV v. to nurse, suckle (a baby)

cue:HË adj frozen stiff (as of a person who is cold or frightened or of wet clothes), numb

cue.hi.ce.TV v. 1. to freeze (something), make numb with cold 2. to petrify with fright

cue.cu.HË: (plural) see CUEHË

cu.FAK.në adj. adolescent, becoming mature (of boys about 15-17 years old, of deer about one year old

cu.FE n. 1. rabbit 2. hemorrhoids

cu.fe-co.MOT:tv n. cottontail rabbit

cu.fe em VS.se n. a type of grass, possibly Scribner’s panicum

cu.fe en sak.kv.FV.kv.’ n. ARCHAIC a vine-like plant resembling the strawberry plant used medicinally

cu.fe.ES.se n. 1. rabbit hutch 2. wool 3. flannel

cu.fe.hu.TE n. rabbit hutch, burrow

cu.fe-KUE.wv n. ARCHAIC swamp rat

cu.fe-LAK.sv n. Liar Rabbit (the trickster rabbit of tales)

cu.fe-TOR.wv n. red haw

cu.fe-v.PUE.kv’ n. ARCHAIC sheep *sheep were sometimes referred to as rabbits in the 19th century

cu.FOK.në: adj. pointed, coming to a point (like a steeple, a mountain ridge, etc.)

cu.fo.KON.he n. fishhook

cu.fun.FVS.ke n. OKLA pitchfork [cf. FLOR cufunwv]

cu.FUN.wv n. 1. a pointed tool 2. MUSK needle, awl 3. OKLA fork 4. FLOR pitchfork [cf. SEM esropottv n. needle FLOR cufun-yakpe]

cu.fun.YAK.pe n. 1. FLOR fork 2. MUSK fork

cu.ha.WËS:kv n. towhee

cu.KO n. 1. house 2. building

cu.KO en.TA.lv n. rafter

cu.ko-es.HA:tv n. tent [cf. escuko-hakv]

cu.ko-es.SI.yv n. house painter

cu.ko-es.tem.PA:lv n. 1. landlord 2. tennant

cu.ko-FEK.ce n. one who always stays at home

cu.KO:fv n. room *according to Grayson (1885) this was "a house or cabin made of logs or poles and daubed with clay from ground to top so that timbers were invisible and wind or cold could not reach the occupants. For floor, a properly tempered kind of clay was put down which, when it was dry, did not crumble into dust"

cu.ko:fv.RAK.ko n. council house

cu.kof:v.TËH:kv n. furniture

cu.ko:-fv.v.pv.TA:kv n. wallpaper

cu.ko-HA:yv n. carpenter, house builder

cu.ko-hv.më:CVL.ke n. household

cu.ko-hv.PO: n. camp house (as on a church grounds)

cu.ko-hv.TË:cv’ n. ARCHAIC house painter

cu.KO-in.TA:lv n. rafter

cu.ko-LI.ce n. 1. women, females 2. wife

cu.ko.los:WU.ce see CUKOLOSWV

cu.ko.LOS:wv n. slate-colored junco (Known locally as snowbird)

cu.ko.lv.KE.tv v. to go in (of two), enter

cu.ko-oh.RVF.kv’ n. ARCHAIC eaves-poles

cu.ko-oh.RVF.kv ‘sem oh.we.TEN.kv n. ARCHAIC short sticks lying end upward to keep weight poles from running together on a roof

cu.ko-RVN.kv n. roof

cu.ko-o.NV.pv n. roof

cu.ko-pe.pe.RE.tv v. to visit

cu.ko-pe.ri.ce.TV v. to visit

cu.ko-pe.ri.CV n. visitor

cu.ko-pe.RV n. a visit

cu.ko-PË:rv n. a visitor

cu.ko-pu.CA:se n. house owner, one who owns a house

cu.ko-RAK.ko n. ceremonial ground

cu.ko-rak.ko-MË:ko n. the chief of a ceremonial grounds

cu.ko-’sem oh.v.PËT.tv n. porch

cu.KO ‘sem v.LIC.kv n. house lock

cu.ko-se.he.PAK:kv n. ARCHAIC joist

cu.ko-tv.lv.ME n. motel, hotel

cu.ko-v.CA:kv n. temple

cu.ko-v.FAS:tv n. caretaker (of a building), head deacon responsible for leading the men at a church service, one responsible for upkeep and maintenance of a church property and supplies

cu.ko-v.PËT:të n. member (of a church, the Council, etc.)

cu.ko-v.pv.TA:kv n. siding (on a house)

cu.ko-v.TËH:kv n. members (of a church, the Council, etc.)

cu.ko-v.tëh:KVL.ke see CUKO-VTËHKV

cu.ko-WAK.ke n. brother-in-law

cu.ko-YËK:cv n. 1. jail 2. prison 3. jail cell

cu.ko-yëk:’cv.v.he.CI.cv n. 1. jailer 2. prison guard

cu.ko-YOK.sv n. 1. end of a house; 2. corner of a house

cu.LE n. pine

cu.li-KUS.wv n. possibly pine-nuts or pine knot

cu.lës-sv.FVM.pe n. a type of tree

cu.LIH.kv n. wren

cu.lok:co.WV n. grease, pitch, tar

cu.los:wu.CE n. small possum grape

cu.LOS:wv n. possum grape

cv.LOT:ka see CULOTKV

cu.LOT:kv n. OKLA cricket [cf. FLOR sulotkv]

cu.LU.ce n. baby fox, kit

cu.LV n. fox

Cu.LVI.ke n. Fox clan

cu.lv.LVS.te n. black fox

CUL.wv n. vulva

cu.ne.ce.TV v. to haul away, transport;

cu.nec.ke.TV v. to move one’s home;

cu.NËC.tv n. immigrant, one who is moving

cu.në.ke.TV v. to stoop

CUN.tv n. 1. worm; 2. maggot

cu.pe.ne.TV v. to uproot, pull up by the roots

cu.pe.ni.ce.TV v. ARCHAIC to loosen the soil

cu.PEN.kë adj. uprooted

cu.PO, e.cu.PO n. his/her rectum

cu.POK.së: adj. heaped up, piled up

cu.pok.si.ce.TV v. to heap up, pile up

cus.ke.TV v. 1. to strip (a tree of fruit; 2. to pick cotton bolls;

CUS.se n. leather, suede

cus.se.es.KAS:kv n. brush used to scrape deer hide

cus.se.es.te.le PI.kv n. moccasin

cus.se.HA:yv n. tanner, one who tans leather

cus.se.HVT.ke n. finest grade of buckskin

cus.se-LA:ne n. smoked buckskin (used for shoes, leggings)

cus.se-sel.ku.CE n. leather lace

cus.TA:ke n. egg

cus.ta:ke-cv.LA:he n. colored egg, Easter egg

cus.TA:ke en.HVT:le n. egg yolk

cus.ta:ke-HVR.pe n. eggshell

cus.tak-hu.TE n. womb

cu.te.ci.ce.TV v. 1. to make (one) small 2. to belittle (someone)

CUT:kë adj. small (of one)

cu.TOK.në: adj. bumpy; --n. lump (on the head, in the breast)

cv /ca-/ --a prefix (sometimes written as a separate word) indicating: 1. my (generally with a body part or kinship term) 2. me 3. I (generally with an action or state that is involuntary

cv see CA

cv.FA:hë adj. lacking pattern, confused

cvf.cv.KE.tv v. to drip repeatedly

cv.FEK.në: adj. 1. well, healthy 2. active 3. smart, clever;

cv.fek.ni.ce.TV v. to heal, make (one) well

cv.fen.cv.KË: (plural) see CVFENCVKË

cvf.ke.TV v. to drip

cv.HAH.tv, n. black locust

cv.ho:keTV v. to gobble

cv.KEK.së: adj. cocked up on one side

cv.ken.ci.se.TV v. to rock (a chair)

‘cv.ko.TAK.se n. bow (for hunting)

cv.KV.tv n. red-headed woodpecker

cv.kvn.cë:ce.TV v. to sow

cv.KVN.he n. knoll, small hill

cv.kvn.he:ce.TV v. to make small piles (as in sowing seeds)

cv.la:HË adj. 1. spotted; 2. dyed, colored

cv.la:hë:ce.TV v. to dye, color (one’s face, an egg, etc.)

Cv.LAK.kvl.ke n. Cherokee

Cv.lak:KVL.ke n. the Cherokee

cvi.lë:ce.TV v. to roll (a tire, ball, etc.)

cvl.le.TV v. to make a war whoop

cv.lok.lo:ke.TV v. to be

cv.lok.ke.TV n. to make a war whoop

cv.lok.lo:ke.TV v. to be whooping, yelling (as at a ballgame)

cv.lot.kv see CULOTKV

cv.lv.pe.TV v. to mix

cv.LVP.kë: adj. mixed

cv.LVT.wë: adj. hard

cv.mah.lë:ce.TV v. IMITATIVE to jingle, ring

cv.mak:ca:ce.TV v. IMITATIVE to be jingling, ringing

cv.mak:ci.ce.TV v. IMITATIVE to make ring

cv.mak:ke.TV v. IMITATIVE to ring (as of a doorbell)

cv.mak:kue.ce.TV v. IMITATIVE to make (something) ring

cv.më:he.TV v. to hold up the head and peer out over of from behind

cv.mek.se.TV v. to raise the head, turn the head, raise the body

cv.mës:se.TV v. 1. to be seesawing back and forth; 2. to rock (in a chair)

cv.mës.se.TV v. to dodge

cvmh..cak:hu.TE n. belfry

cvmh.CA:kv n. bell

cvmh.ca:kv.FV.kv n. bell rope

cvmh.ca:kv-ha:YË:cv n. church bell ringer

cvmh.ci.ce.TV v. IMITATIVE to cause to ring

cvmh.cv.më:ce.TV v. to ring a bell

cvm.cv.PË (plural) see CVMPË

CVM.pë modif. sweet

cvm.pe.TV v. to be sweet

cvm.pu.CE n. candy

cv.mv.mak.:ke.TV v. to ring as an alarm

cv.NAK:së modif. ridged

cv.NEK.së: modif. sideways, at an angle

cv.nes.cv.KË: (plural)

cv.nv.nv.KË: n. a geological ridge

cv.pak.ho.KË: (plural) CVPAKKË

cv.PAK.kë: modif. angry, mad

cv.pak.kue.ce.TV v. to make angry

cv.pak.jo.ki.ce.TV (plural)

cv.pe.ce.TV v. to lengthen

cvp.cv.KË: (plural) see CVPKË

cvp.cv.kue.ce.TV (plural)

CVP.kë: modif. 1. long (stick, etc.) 2. modif. long (day) 3. modif. tall

--CVP.ko suffix long

cvp.kue.ce.TV v. to mak something long

cv.pof:cu.KO n. tool shed

cv.po:fu.CE n. garden

cv.po:FV n. 1. cultivated field 2. fieldwork area

cv.po:fv-v.FAS:tv n. farmer

cv.po:fv-v.lek.WI.cv n. fertilizer

cv.po:fv-v.TOK.kv n. farm worker

cv.po.re.TV v. to have had enough

cv.PV n. uncertain, possibly meaning edge, side or midway point

cv.pvHUEH.kv n. ARCHAIC indigo snake

cv.pv.të:ku.SË: modif. almost full

cv.pv.yë:ce.TV v. to plow

cv.pv.YË:cv n. plowman

cv.sah.lë:ce.TV v. IMITATIVE to rustle such ad leaves, paper, etc.

cv.sah.le.TV v. IMTATIVE to rattle, rustle such as stick, corn stalks, etc.

cv.sak:ke.TV v. to rattle shell shakers etc.

cv.SE n. pumpkin

cvs..ke.TV v. 1. to chop something 2. to peck, like a bird

cvs.tv.LË n. watermelon

cv.sv.sak:ke.TV v. IMITATIVE to rattle, like a rattlesnake

cvTO n. stone, rock; iron, metal; stove

cv.to-CAS:kv n. stone mason

cv.to-ce.SAK.we n. gravel

cv.to-ce.SAK:pv n. mason

cv.TO en.KOR:kv n. stone quarry

cv.to-es.fv.SËC:kv n. whetstone

cv.to-es.no.RIC.kv n. heater

cv.to-es.tvr.re.TV n. heater

cv.to-fu.LOT:kv n. grindstone

cv.to-fv.KV n. wire

cv.to-fv.kv.FVS.ke n. barbed wire

cv.to-fv.LAH.le n. split rocks or boulders

cv.to-FVS.ke n. iron wood-splitting wedge

cv.to-HI.yv n. stove

cv.to-ho.LAT:te n. turquoise

cv.to-HVO.ke n. hole in rock, cave

cv.to-HVT.ke n. limestone

cv.to-KOF.ke n. hollowed-out boulder

cv.to-KOL.kv n. coal

cv.to.ko.nap:-es.kër.KUE.cv n. auditor

cv.to-ko.nap:HVT.ke n. silver bullion and coinage

cv.to-ko.nap:LA.ne n. gold bullion and coinage

cv.to-ko.nap:tv.le.ME n. ARCHAIC general funds

cv.to-ko.nap:v.FAS.tv n. treasurer

cv.to-ko.NA:wa n. money; dollar

cv.to-tok.NAWV see CVTO-KONAWA

cv.to.ko.na:wv.v.te.LO:yv n. tax collector

cv.to-KOR.kv n. mine (coal, etc.)

cv.to-LA:ne n. brass, copper, bronze

cv.to-la:nu.CE n. ARCHAIC percussion cap

cv.to-lo.POC.ke n. natural gravel

cv.to-lo.WA:ke n. wire; ARCHAIC iron

cv.TO ‘mv.tok.lo.pë: n. rock moss

cv.to-ne.NE n. railroad

cv.to-PAC:cv n. blacksmith

cv.to-po.LO:ke n. iron pipe

cv.to-pv.TA:ke n. stone floor

cv.to-RAK.ko n. boulder

cv.to-SOK:pv n. sandstone

cv.to-sv.KA:kv n. slingshot; deposit

cv.to-te.LA:cv n. chain

cv.to-te.tak.KA:kv n. chain

cv.to-HO:ke n. stone fence

cv.to-TOT:kv n. steel

cv.TU:ce n. small rock

cv.tv.HA:kv n. blue corn pudding

cv.tvp.hv.RAK.ko n. a large, flat rock

cv.we.pi.ce.TV v. to make someone take two or more

cv.WE.tv v. to take in the hands; to take in information; also (plural) see ESETV

cv.WË:yë modif. repulsed, repulsive

cv.ya:YA.ku:sën modif. quietly

cv.ya:yi.CE.tv v. to silence, hush, or make quiet

cv.ya:yv.ho.ke.TV (plural) see CVYAYVKITV

cv.ya:yv.ho.ki.ce.TV (plural) see CVYAYICETV

cv.ya:yv.KI.tv v. to hush up, be quiet, be still, to become eased from pain