Creek Language
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Be sure to check your printer's settings before you print out the color-coded pages.  Or, print them in black and use colored pencils to underline words to match the pages below. Lessons are in no particular order -- skip around and visit them all and decide the best order for you.  Do visit the newly reworked Grammatical Overviews & Reviews frequently--it's a good starting place for many. Please take time to study the readings--much information is found there.

Before We Begin...a Brief Note A Short Note -- a reading  Jan 2003
How to Use This Book Words of Encouragement -- a reading  Jan 2003
Creek Fonts (seldom needed now) -- you can probably skip this one for now  Jan 2003
Creek Alphabet A Quick Interesting History -- a reading,, A Must  Jan 2003
Letter Names and Sounds Practical Help Chart explaining sounds -- Study It Well  Jan 2003
A New World in Language Thinking Differently in another language -- a short reading  Jan 2003
Lesson - Welcome to Verbs, Part 1 Meet Some Everyday Words -- first patterns Jan 2003
Grammatical Overview for Bright Curious Learners it is comprehensive Valuable Reference Page
Lesson - Welcome to Verbs, Part 2 Meet Them Again -- expanding the pattern  Jan 2003
Lesson - Welcome to Verbs, Part 3 Ometv, "to be" -- the most important pattern  Jan 2003
Lesson - Welcome to Verbs, Part 4 Vyetv, "to go" (but only one) -- meet our oddity  Jan 2003
Lesson - The Muskogean Language Family Easy Overview -- a reading  Jan 2003
Lesson - Naming Things, Part 1  Simple Sentences, "I Name Things" -- new words  Jan 2003
Lesson - Naming Things, Part 2 Simple Sentences, "You name Them" -- new words  Jan 2003
Lesson - OMES, A verbal work horse A Very Important Word! -- read it again  Jan 2003
Lesson - Hecetv "to see,"  Practical Conversations Easy lesson -- a "how to"  Great patterns to use...
Grammatical Overviews & Reviews Explanations, sentences & vocabulary Visit this section often !
Dictionary(long way from completion--but still useful) Not Yet Complete

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